Why I Choose Android

First of all, it should be noted that this article is written specially for mobile newbie, for those who are confused with all these mobile OSs, so if you are an advanced iPhone or Android user or even a mobile geek, you may leave the article without you attention. Today we will consider such topic as Android OS and its advantages over iOS (a mobile operation system developed by Apple and installed on iPhones and iPads).

As usual, let’s begin with a definition.  Android is an operating system installed on smartphones and tablet. Android OS is based on Linux (Linux is an open source system which is spread for free and which has open codes for the developers). The main developer of Android is Google Corporation.

All software and hardware companies (there are 86 of them) which use Android OS are joined into the Open Handset Alliance which is supposed to promote and improve Google’s mobile OS all over the world.

Today Android OS is the most widely spread mobile operating system in the world. The number of phone manufacturers who use this OS is growing every year. The market leaders in Android phone production are Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony.

What is the main competitor to Android? The answer is clear. It is iOS. iPhone and iPad used to be thought the most advanced gadgets in the world. However, it used to be so when Android was only beginning to conquer a mobile market. Now the situation is a bit different.  Almost all smartphone users divided into 2 main groups: Android followers and iOS fans. And they all have their points for proving their position.

To tell the truth, I’m one of people from the first group. And now I will explain why I joined them.

My reasons:

1. Multitasking (the possibility to open and use several app simultaneously) has been developed perfectly only in Android phones. iOS has some remotely resembling features of multitasking, but still it is not what I would like to have.

2. Notifications in iOS are very annoying. They are more like ads and pop-ups, while Android gadgets provide more informative-looking notifications that fade after some time without disturbing your work.

3. Android OS sometimes is blamed for having too many holes and bugs. But it is rarely said that Google releases updates very often with all bugs fixings. iOS also has lots of problems (just remember the latest news about bug in iOS 6), but Apple releases new versions of OS maximum once a year. And the updates aren’t very frequent.

4. Android Home screen with its number of icons and widgets allows better organization of the desktop. iPhone 5 has got such improvements only this year while Google presented them long ago.

5. The number of free apps for Android is bigger.

Of course, there are differences in hardware specs of Android phones and iPhones. However, for an average user they are not as critical as they may be advertised. Smartphones based on Android cover the whole spectrum of functionalities starting with email management and finishing with business banking transactions.

Author Info

This post is written by Katrine Merzlova

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