New StumbleUpon App for iPhone

StumbleUpon is perhaps the easiest way to discover new information on the internet. Several people use StumbleUpon to keep updated on the latest in information, entertainment and generally on what is happening in the world around them.   StumbleUpon has now introduced a completely new redesigned iOS app for the iPhone. You will now have the whole World Wide Web at your fingertips and you can also check out trending activity from friends at the same time.  Launched this Fall, the fresh design and innovative features of this StumbleUpon app is sure to make you want to get it right away.

Some of the key features of this New StumbleUpon App for iPhone are:-

  1. Slide preview: This features allows you faster Stumbling. In other words, you will see a small preview (a Slide) of the recommended page while it is loading. You can then swipe through these Slides to view different web content that your connections or Interest experts are recommending. Swiping through the slides also allows you to browse more quickly on recommended pages. What could be easier and more fun than doing this?


  1. Dynamic Home Screen: The home screen constantly updates and changes for you. More new content is available for viewing this way. You can also take a look at what your connections are up to or merely look at pages that are suggested for you. Trending content and social activity are always only a look away on the new StumbleUpon App.


  1. Updated navigation and an easy to use design: The navigation inside the app has been completely redesigned. This ensures that you have more time to browse and discover all the great stuff that is on the internet. Discover videos, games, recipes – whatever takes your fancy, any time, and anywhere.  One tap is all it takes to access your Likes and Profile. You can also share, rate and Stumble within a few seconds using the top and bottom toolbars. These toolbars recede so that you can view information on the full screen.


  1. StumbleDNA:  Stumblers have always provided personalized content for each person. It goes one step further in this new app. StumbleDNA appears in the form of a color bar on your profile page. This color bar is in the form of a rainbow stripe and will provide visual representation of the type of person you are on StumbleUpon. Simply put, the colors on the color bar represent the different interests you follow. It will keep track of your Likes and Dislikes and update the color bar accordingly. You can also see what other Stumblers are up to and see if you have anything in common with them.

This new app will definitely be popular with users of the iPhone. This new StumbleUpon iOS app is also available for the iPad. Android phone users need not despair. The StumbleUpon App for Android will also be released later on this year. Try it out and see for yourself what a wonderful app it is.

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