List Of Useful Tools For Freelance Web Designers

freelanceList of useful tools for freelance web designers, A freelancer’s job is most coveted as you have no bosses, nor do you have any time restrictions. However, in order to receive payment, you need to deliver promptly. Hence, it is important that a freelancer relies on several tools to carry out his assignments successfully. More so if you are a freelance web designer, because you simply cannot function properly without the help of several tools in this particular field. While there are several tools one can use, not all are user friendly or essential. You simply cannot do without a few of these great tools. Here is a list of the top tools for freelance web designing.

Dropbox For Freelance Web Designers

This is one of the best tools a freelancer could ever hope for, and is very essential for hosting files. With Dropbox at your command and you can create special folders in any computer and view the same from any other computer as it is synchronized. The files saved and stored on this folder can accessed through a designer’s website or a mobile phone application as well. This online service lets you share your work with others so that any corrections can be incorporated after the customer views the proof. What’s more, Dropbox is free to download and is an indispensable tool for any freelance web designer.


Invoicera For Freelance Web Designers

Invoicera is an incredibly useful bit of software that should be part of any web designer’s arsenal of tools. This is an online software for billing and keeping track of time spent on specific projects. A very secure and reliable tool that will prove to be essential for small businesses and freelancers. The tool is very user friendly and has a attractive layout for the interface that is quite simple and effective. You can create multiple gateways for payments and offer them to your clients in a neat package. All the invoices can be managed and kept at a single location so that tracking is rendered very easy.

Basecamp For Freelance Web Designers

Basecamp is a project management software that allows online collaboration with co-workers and experts. You can exchange ideas and views with your teammates, send and receive emails related to the project as well. It doesn’t matter if yours is a tiny project or a conglomeration of multiple projects all going on at the same time. You will be able to view and monitor all the projects at a glance through Basecamp. The moment a project is completed you can save it on Basecamp to be retrieved any time you may need to refer. All the people involved in a particular project can work at tandem and complete it successfully.

Things For Freelance Web Designers

Things is the best and easiest way to use a task manager. All your to-do things on the list can be entered and organized in a systematic manner, thus saving precious time. Get the most out of productivity by using Things efficiently and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. An invaluable tool at the hands of a freelance worker who can work wonders by getting organized. Plan meticulously what needs to be done today, and what can be put next on the schedule and stick to it by using Things.

Behance For Freelance Web Designers

This amazing tool has been specifically designed to help creative designing that can be showcased brilliantly. It is used extensively in graphic design and photography with several instances of it being put to the best use by the fashion industry for creating splendid illustrations. It is the most preferred tool of several Institutions formed for the promotion of Art and Design. A freelance web designer will certainly find this a very useful and creative tool.

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