THE MOST POPULAR APPS The world of computer and technology keeps changing every passing day. One of the latest of these changes has been the introduction of cloud computing. This has eliminated the need to have servers and hardware to store data at locations. Mobile phones are

Twitter Bird Icon Set for Free

So many people are involved in twitter these days and everyone is looking to enhance the design of their twitter profiles and background and blogs. Today I found these twitter icons on the web and I like to share these icons and link with you. You can

Emoinstaller emoticons For Facebook

  Emoinstaller is a plugin for your web browser that adds hundreds of new emoticons to Facebook Chat. With this easy to use tool, Facebook users can select big animated emoticons from several categories and add them directly to their chat session. You can find more information

ManageFlitter Twitter Account Management System

  Twitter Account Management System is very simple and important twitter application in which you can Clean up and manage who you follow, You can find out who isn’t following you, You can also find out which inactive accounts you follow and easily search inside your Twitter

Google Pimps Out Personal Profiles like Facebook

Google latest development, Google has redesigned Google Profiles and now the profile pages that all Gmail users can set up with pictures and more information about them. If anyone set Google Profile to be visible to everyone, then it will likely be at the top of the

Twitter Suspends Parody @CeoSteveJobs Account

Big news of Twitter’s popular account. Twitter had suspended account under the name @ceoSteveJobs which has 460,000 followers and over 650 tweets. It is suspended because of violation of Twitter rules regarding parody accounts ans it is noted by the Apple. Important part is that Apple itself formerly