A Cheap Alternative To Photoshop

Reviewing ‘Serif PhotoPlus X6′ As soon as you purchase the Serif PhotoPlus X6, you will realize two things. First of all, at just $89.99 this is a steal for those who think Photoshop is too expensive. Secondly, while looking for the serial number you will find that

6 Great Apps for Pet Owners

The number of pets you have at the moment is not what’s important. Regardless if you have just one pet or you have more than ten it’s equally important to be equipped with useful pet owner app like you can take great advantage of. This way, you can gain

An Overview on SEO Trends of 2013

SEO Trends of 2013 As the year 2012 slowly comes to an end, we now need to look at 2013 and all the demands of the New Year, future prospects and so many other factors in the coming year. The science of SEO is no different in

New StumbleUpon App for iPhone

StumbleUpon is perhaps the easiest way to discover new information on the internet. Several people use StumbleUpon to keep updated on the latest in information, entertainment and generally on what is happening in the world around them.   StumbleUpon has now introduced a completely new redesigned iOS app

Can You Create a Website Using Just a Tablet or Smartphone?

This is a major question, as many users are enslaved to their PCs or laptops, thinking that there’s no way a person can create a website—which involves heavy typing and clicking—using a tablet PC or phone.  However, you may be surprised at how easy this feat is,

Why I Choose Android

First of all, it should be noted that this article is written specially for mobile newbie, for those who are confused with all these mobile OSs, so if you are an advanced iPhone or Android user or even a mobile geek, you may leave the article without